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The Full Story


The art of Thai Massage is so much more relaxing than any other massage. Take a slightly longer massage combined with direct pressure, gentle stretches, meditation and total relaxation. Gentle enough for you and strong enough for you too. It can be yoga done for you, or having someone beat you up slowly. It is a joyful time for both giver and receiver. 

Currently Closed

In the best interests of everyone I have closed my doors at my old space. I currently have no space for practice and will not be meeting in a studio.

The Good News

I'll be back up and running in now time! And I can travel as long as there is enough space (10' x 10' with everything pushed out of the way). I will be looking for a shared space to practice part time.

I will be focusing on getting classes ready for teaching level 1 and 2 for certification. Stay tuned

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