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This package of five sessions includes five 90 minute massages and five 30 minute consultations on Ayurveda. The Ayurveda consultations are specific for you and your concern. In ayurveda we take into account the mind and body as a whole. 

Session one - Assessment

Hearing major and minor complaints and talking about your health in general, what medications you are taking, physical exam and interview, determine your dosha.  And 90 Minute Thai massage. And a synopsis of what we will be learning over the next 8 weeks 

Session 2 

Answer any unresolved questions you may have

Foundations of Ayurveda

Gets deeper into the theory behind Ayurvedic from universal energies the gunas to the kosha bodies and the movement of energy within. Subtle bodies and physical bodies. How elements play a role in your dosha and determine how to balance them through massage. You will also be recommended some herbal Ayurvedic formulations that are designed to respond to your primary complaint or ailments. It is important to start taking any supplements early in the series so the results can be monitored and watched closely. These medications have been validated through thousands of years of Ayurvedic medicine and are expected to be completely safe. However, there can be unexpected adverse effects as with any drug, and may interact with other drugs you take in unpredictable ways. You are strongly encouraged to tell your family doctor that you are indeed taking the herbal formulas. Includes 1 hour Hot herbal compress massage.

Session 3

Check on progress from session 2

Food and nutrition

Introduction to the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and how they all play a role in balancing or affecting your dosha.

A look at the foods that balance (or imbalance) your specific dosha or all three doshas.  Together develop a realistic meal plan for you to introduce and eliminate foods at a pace that is manageable for you. 

Your choice of tradition Thai or Hot herbal compress massage

Session 4

Check in on results of session 3

Yoga: A focus on what type of yoga would be best for your dosha type. It could be gentler yoga with longer holds and series of grounding, warming postures or the other end of the spectrum would be a vigorous and lively yoga practice with cooling and motivating postures. 

 Meditation: Learning to meditate is a key component of maintenance. There are different kinds of meditation, and breath work that goes with it, to address the type of imbalance you are experiencing, or simply to keep the mind and body aligned.

Session 5

Lifestyle and maintenance 

Along with food, yoga, herbs there are lifestyle factors that affect your dosha as well. Times of day when your mental abilities are strongest, or the best exercises to do and what time of day to do them. The idea here is to understand the elements of each dosha and be able to interpret that for your own good. I cannot teach every detail of every possible scholarly inclination or recreational activity, but will help you to understand how to assess your own life for these factors and approach them with the confidence you need to take control of your life.

Thai Yoga Massage Ayurveda Series

Consisting of five sessions spaced at least 2 weeks apart. A journey of internalizing the uses of Ayurveda to gain control of your life and emotions.

 Here’s what you’ll get in each of five session:

  1. 30 min assessment, determining the dosha and hearing your primary complaints + 90 minute traditional Thai massage

  2. 30 minute consultation on the basics of Ayurveda and Herbal recommendations + 1 hour thai herbal compress massage

  3. 30 minute consultation on dietary philosophy includes 6 rasa of Ayurvedic cooking and realistic meal plan with recipes. + 1 hour Hot Thai Herbal Compress massage.

  4. 30 minute consultation for yoga and meditation philosophy with recommendations as it applies to your dosha. + your choice of herbal compress or traditional thai massage

  5. 30 minute consultation on maintenance and lifestyle factors that affect the balance of your dosha + your choice of 1 hour herbal or 90 minute traditional Thai massage.

This series of 5 sessions takes place over a minimum of 8 weeks. A minimum of 2 weeks between sessions is necessary to check in with your progress, and to give a chance to feel the change happening within you.

With this series you are getting much more than a series of Thai massage sessions. You are being empowered to bring enjoyment, prosperity, and harmony for yourself and those around you.

The cost of this series is $800 no tax. *

Booking can be made on my website If there are any confusion or errors while signing up just email me at or call me at (902) 719-1421

*Payment plans are reviewed on a case by case basis and are available by contact only

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