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Top Five Reasons To Take Partners Thai Massage Workshop

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

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In todays world there are a lot of stresses that are never addressed. In an ideal world we would get massaged every day. This rarely happens. The days stress could melt away and we would be less tired and more capable the next day. There are various obstacles that prevent people from getting a massage every day. Time, money, distance to travel, sensitivity and communication. In a couples Thai massage workshop you will learn how you can feel safe and comfortable enough to give and receive Thai massage, hopefully breaking down many of these barriers that may exist for you. The following 5 benefits are the minimum that you should expect from partners Thai massage.

Loving Kindness

Wherever Thai massage is practiced, the principle of loving compassion, what is called Metta is a central part of what is being practiced. The practitioner and the client both maintain mindfulness on this intention over the course of the massage which brings peace and quiet to both parties.

Mutual stress relief

It is well perceived that massage of overworked, tired muscles feels so good, and even helps melt stress away (especially in those shoulders!). Learning Thai massage techniques together means you and your partners can trade massage any time. In addition to that, if the spine is aligned and bodyweight is maximized as pressure, the massage should be as good for the giver as it is for the receiver.

Verbal and Non-verbal communication

If you have been told you don't give a great massage or that your hands are too rough? That is nonsense. You just have to tune into your innate sensitivity of touch to give a great massage. Luckily sensitivity is not something you learn to do, it is already learned. All you need to do is bring it out, and it is not buried deep inside you, just under the surface.

Shared Experience

Shared experiences help build deeper bonds with people. Even if it is someone you don't know, you will start to form bonds with that person if you have shared something together such as a Thai massage course. By the end of week two you will have exchanged 20 massages. This is your practice together. At the end of two weeks you may decrease the frequency, but it may never change the bonds that you formed while learning and practicing together.

Give a massage anytime anywhere.

Isn't it a pain to be sitting around waiting for something? You could be at the airport, standing in line at the store or waiting for Godot to come. Wherever it is, If there is more than one of you then you can give a massage. Thai massage happens on top of the clothes so there is no need to feel shy about massage. You deserve stress relief!

Unless everyone in the world becomes a massage therapist, there will always be times when you need a massage. You may have various barriers that prevent you from receiving those massage. Time, distance, money, accessibility. These are some of the reasons people shy away from massage. To have family members or partners to practice with you can truly gain a life skill that is mindful, fun to do, reduces stress, builds bonds and builds your confidence in your own sensitivity to touch. The best part of Thai yoga massage? You don't need anything special to do it. Just your hands, forearms, thumbs and elbows to give a sensitive exquisite massage any time any place.


-KC Schwarz

Next Event Sunday Feb 14 from 5:40-8:40 PM

Now Take 50% when you RSVP online using coupon code FIFTYOFF

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